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Pack 317 Uniforms!


Parents and Scouts:

Whether this is your first year in Scouting or whether you've returned again to Pack #317, this is a friendly reminder about the importance of the Scout uniform. To help you prepare your uniform for your Scouting experience this fall, following are important things to know about your Scout uniform:


All uniforms and uniform accessories (patches, neckerchief, and neckerchief slide) can be purchased at:

Scout Shop - Minsi Trails
991 Postal Road
Allentown, PA 18103

Look at the "" BSA website to price your scout's uniform.

All appropriate Scout insignia must be appropriately attached to the Scout uniform (refer to your Scout handbook or to your den leader).Wear your uniform to all Scout activities (see below when and when not to wear your uniform).Keep your uniform clean and neat -- hang it in a closet or fold it in a drawer or on a shelf.

When to wear the uniform:

When not to wear the uniform:

** Don't forget to wear your uniform to all scouting activities -- it's fun to wear! If you don't wear your uniform to den and pack meetings, and on outings and special events, no-one will be able to tell that you are a Scout and that you have earned all the badges on your uniform shirt. Be proud to wear the Scout uniform!! **

Hats - For our pack the tiger, wolf, bear, and webelos hats are optional. Our pack understands that unforming a scout can be expensive, and since the hat's change every year, we have made this an optional accessory.

TIGER Cub Scout Uniform

Tiger Cub Scouts join Pack 317 with an orange Tiger Cub t-shirt that should be worn to all Scout activities to show their Tiger Cub pride.

WOLF Cub Scout Uniform

Basic Cub Scout Uniform: Blue shirt with the appropriate insignia (Minsi Trails Council Patch, Pack number patches "3" "1" "7", and den number patch). ** The blue in your uniform is for truth. Gold is for sunlight, good cheer and happiness. When you wear the Cub Scout uniform, people will know you are trying to be good and helpful. **


With the basic Cub Scout uniform, Wolf Cub Scouts also wear:

BEAR Cub Scout Uniform

Basic Cub Scout Uniform: Blue shirt with the appropriate insignia (as described for the Wolf) . ** Now that you are a Cub Scout in the Bear program, you have a blue neckerchief to wear with your Cub Scout uniform. Don't forget your cap; it's fun to wear. **

With the basic Cub Scout uniform, Bear Cub Scouts also wear:

Webelos Scout Uniform

Webelos may wear either the blue uniform you wore in Cub Scouts or the tan shirt you will wear as a Boy Scout. You and your family decide which on you will wear.

With either basic uniform, Webelos Scouts wear

For all uniforms

Temporary patches (for example: scouting for food, family camping) can be attached to the uniform shirt for one month after the award. These patches are not to be permanently placed on the uniform. Scouts can make or purchase the "red patch vest" that the non-rank patches can be affixed. As an alternative, scouts can make a scrapbook of their "temporary" patches.