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Pack 317 Den 2 Page

Hi there Webelos II Cub Scout families!!!

I hope you all had a great summer. Sadly we've lost one den member as Andrew Spruck has decided not to continue with the program. We will miss him. :( Hopefully we can recruit a few new den members at this year's Roundup meeting (see below).

The Popcorn Fundraiser has Begun!!! (I have extra forms at my house if you didn't get yours in the US Mail)
- if you sell over a certain level you can get your annual scout membership costs decreased

9/14 - Proposed 1 hour Den Meeting @ 7 pm at our house. (please let me know if you can make it ASAP)

9/17 Scout Day at Farmersville Elementary (ALL Scouts wear your uniforms to school!)
- please remind all boys to wear uniforms that day. This is a GREAT recruiting tool.

9/18 Pack Meeting Roundup (New Scouts sign up and returning scouts resignup for a great year of scouting!)
- our den will be doing the opening flag ceremony
- members of our den will also be awarded the special conservation badge
for our work on the Nature Tail in Forks Twp over the summer.
Mr. Moyer is putting together a presentation on the project for all to see.


Frank Sternberg